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6 Ways To Get Comfortable In Bed This Winter

We’re not just here to sell you a mattress and take your money, we’re also a family that likes to get to know our valued customers. Often the talk is about the weather, especially since it’s gotten suddenly cold. As we head into a winter season here in our beloved South Africa, we got to ask our customers what they do to warm up on a cold winter’s night. We have some suggestions you may like too!

Do You Know Where Your Bed Came From?

So you like to sound cool around friendly gatherings? Here’s an interesting yet simple rundown on the history of the bed! Imagine if you will, going back 10 000 years and more, what it must have been like sleeping on heaps of fur and plants for a bed. Or sleeping on top of each other like cavemen in kids movies. Of course, these sleeping conditions cannot be classed as beds these days and it’s hard to imagine living like that. This did, however, lay the foundation for the concept of the bed. 

Mothers Day Special

Spoil Mom this Mothers Day with a brand new Sealy Posturepedic Kingsway Firm Base Set

Sleep: Why we need it.

“Got up on the wrong side of the bed, did ya?”

This is usually prompted when greeted by Mr Grumpy in the morning. It’s also often followed through with “I need coffee… now!!”

How To Bring The Hotel Experience To Your Bedroom

Have you ever wondered why hotel beds are just so incredibly comfortable? Dreamy even. It doesn’t matter if you stay in a cheap motel or at an uber-luxe hotel overlooking the V&A Waterfront – if the mattress isn’t comfortable, it can ruin your entire trip. One can easily make this comparison when climbing into one’s own bed at night, after having been away and made use of a hotel. 

Let’s dissect for a minute what makes hotel beds so comfortable. See, it’s not just about having a good quality bed. Sure that’s the most important aspect of a good nights’ sleep. However, the technology that goes into designing and manufacturing such beds are the fundamentals of what sells the bed… the way it feels for your body.

Not Getting Enough Sleep? Here's 7 Tips To Improve Your Sleep Quality

Studies have shown that a sound night’s sleep increases energy and production. Not too surprising however, women tend to get less sleep than men do, and we’re not even talking about looking after your newborn. Generally there are certain habits that we form, without being fully aware of it, that impact on our sleep quality. What we intend to provide in this article, are pointers to consider to get you closer to that heavenly nights rest that will have you waking up feeling energized and ready to take on the day. 

Still Wetting Your Bed?

So you had a nightmare and woke up screaming… only to realize that you accidentally... had an accident! Or at least that’s the story you’re sticking to. This however generally applies to kids. Either way, it can be quite a challenge to properly remove the stain due to its colour, toxins and chemical makeup.

Dust Mites - The Problems they Cause and How to Get Rid of Them

Dust mites are tiny, translucent arachnids, almost invisible to the human eye. Their diet consists of dead skin cells and they thrive in humid environments - unfortunately, this makes your bed the perfect environment for them. Unlike bed bugs, a slightly larger insect, dust mites don’t bite, but they do poop, and that’s what causes trouble. So here are a few problems caused by these uninvited guests and how to get rid of them.

Bed Sizes - A Breakdown

When it comes to your bed, size really does matter. However plush or comfortable your mattress is, if it’s the wrong size, you still won’t get a good night’s sleep. A smart-gel, memory-foam pocket-spring hybrid is redundant if every turn has you bumping your partner or headbutting the bedside table. But before you spring for a king - make sure you have the floor space to accommodate it. Here’s a breakdown of the most common bed sizes and where, and for whom they are ideal.

Finding The Right Bed For Your Kids

  Whether you have a toddler who still wakes several times a night or a preteen you have to drag out of bed every morning, your child’s bed may be the cause of their bad sleep habits. Your      child’s growing mind and body both need a good night’s rest as much as, if not more than their parents. Here are a few guidelines for choosing the right bed for your little one.

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