Do You Suffer From Lower Back Pain?

Statistics estimated that about 70% – 90% of people will suffer from lower back pain at some point in their lives.

That’s insane! And if you’re reading this you’re probably a statistic! And that’s not good. Of course, there are a variety of reasons that can contribute to that number. And being bed experts, we have heard just about all the reasons.

However, one of the biggest contributing factors that cause lower back pain are poorly designed beds, or perhaps a bed that just plain doesn’t suit your posture. 

One of the common gripes we get from customers who come to us looking for a bed is that when they sleep on their stomach, their pain is the worst as a result.

This we have found to be due to too little support in the mattress. Meaning, it sags too much to support that sleep position. 

Can you relate??

Well, we have a simple solution that truly helps with the decision-making process, and that is our in-store Sleep Laboratory. Through 1500 sensors in the test mattress, this unique system is able to capture an image on a screen where we are able to assess pressure points of your body. We can then make relevant suggestions as to which beds suit you best.

One of the brands we have had great feedback on though is the Edblo Florence Support Top Mattress

We’re pretty excited about this one!

Here’s why:

  • 'No Turn' Edblo Florence Support Top offers durable and firm support for a good nights rest.
  • Additional layers added to Edblo's Classic Support Top for a comfortable and firm finish.
  • Comfort layers of long-lasting foam and fibres.
  • Strength and durability ensure a comfortable sleep surface.
  • Bonnell Sprint Unit provides your body with durable and resilient support.
  • Edge Support reinforces mattress edge increasing sleeping area by preventing edges from sagging.
  • Superior Insulator Pad eliminates spring feel and comfort layers from shifting for lasting and consistent comfort.
  • UltraCare antimicrobial mattress fabric protection helps prevent the development of allergens, fungi, mould, bacteria and bad odours.
  • One of our most affordable options with this kind of technology.

Now don’t forget about your head support. Check out our suggested products like the Sealy My Memory Pillow. It’s a pretty cool pillow that provides ventilation which helps promote maximum airflow.

Definitely, a must have for the summer.

Aside from replacing your mattress, there are also other ways to improve your sleeping habits. In this article, we discuss best ways to ensure proper sleep posture. 

Be sure to reach out to one of our sleep experts through the website chat box. We are always ready to assist you in getting the best sleep you can this summer!