Ho Ho Ho! Its That Time Of The Year!

Yes! Its that time of the year once again. Usually, the first words that come out of a persons mouth is "where has the time gone?" We feel the same way here at The Mattress King.  Besides being in the business of selling beds, our primary focus is to provide the best service possible to our customers, and we hope we have achieved that this year.

We do our level best to offer the best quality in all aspects of your experience with us. Our friendly knowledgeable bed experts are trained and proficient to help you find the best mattress and accessories for you.

We have a state of the art system called the Sleep Laboratory. Its a mattress with built-in technology that gives us the information needed to guide you in selecting the best mattress suited to your needs and your body. 

With 1500 sensors in the test mattress, all you need to do is lie on the bed and the sensors do all the work. On screen it will give us an image of the pressure points in the mattress from your body and with our expert knowledge, we can advise you on which mattress would be best suited for you, including your budget!

This has been an integral part of our customer service to you. So if you haven’t yet come to our stores, please do as this is incredible feature is absolutely free to you!

We have top quality beds that cover every requirement. From firm support to single-sided technology, to anti-allergy materials, to a variety of top layers designed for the comfort that speaks loudest to you, to price ranges that suit all pockets.

Accessories are an important component, not only for your sleep quality but also for your bedroom. We offer a range of specialized pillows and anti-allergy mattress protectors, to wardrobes, shelves, headboards, drawers and more!

Another aspect we value immensely is our blog filled with articles that cover just about any topic related to beds, sleep quality, improving your bedroom and other such advice and interesting facts.

Sales for any business is a focal point, but what would a business be without its customers. And what is more important that value-added after sales service? This is how we have remained in business for over 26 years.

Most importantly, it's thanks to your support! We are incredibly grateful to all our customers for their loyal support over the years, and to our team for their hard work and dedication. 

So as this year comes to a close, we would like to wish everyone a wonderful holiday season and Merry Christmas. May you and your families be blessed and all your wishes come true. 

May your 2019 be one of success, prosperity and joy!

From all of us at The Mattress King.