Top Tips On How To Stay Cool During Summer Nights

We all love summer (well most people). But thanks to daytime temperature highs, it can turn your home into a furnace. Trying to sleep on a hot night without proper cooling can likely bring out the dark side of some people. We have put together some tips that can make a difference between a decent sleep, and looking like The Grinch in the morning.

1. Use Cotton Sheets

Cotton is the first thing to implement into your bed set as its a breathable material and allows for cooling faster than synthetic materials. Cotton or Percale are our two choices. Opt for a count between 300 and 400.

2. Get Creative With Your Fan

Instead of using your upright fan to blow more hot air onto your face, point it at the window. This will blast the hot air outside. Then open another window to allow some cooler air in the room. If you’re using a ceiling fan, typically they have settings to reverse the spin thereby lifting hot air up and out. 

3. Sleep Like An Egyptian

We’re not sure how many people would be willing to do this, but they Egyptians were way ahead of us in ideas. Wet a sheet with cold water and squeeze out the excess so it’s not dripping wet. Lie on top of a dry towel and use the wet sheet as your blanket.

4. Block Out Direct Light

Try to avoid letting direct sunlight into your home. Keep the blinds and curtains closed will help a lot in reducing the rays and turning your home into a furnace.

5. Turn Off Electronics

Yes, they too generate heat in your home. So try switch off as many appliances as you can, especially in the bedroom. Things like phone chargers, laptops, even CFL bulbs generate sufficient heat to raise the temps a bit.

6. Use Alternate Light Sources

Summers bring about longer daylight time, so make use of that natural light as long as you can. Then opt for low wattage lighting and candles for that romantic dinner effect. Its also very easy on the eyes and candles are dirt cheap anyway.

7. Invest In A Dehumidifier

More than its use for allergies, this machine draws out moisture it the air which causes the humid environment that makes sleeping in hot summer nights a sticky situation.

8. Make Use Of White Accessories

Just like you shouldn’t wear black when it’s 30 degrees outside, you should avoid decorating your bedroom with dark accessories during the summer months. Dark objects - black ones especially - absorb more heat than lighter objects. White objects absorb the least heat of all.

9. Put Out Some Bowls of Water

Water will slowly evaporate to cool the air (just like steam works to heat you up in a sauna). This tactic is especially effective if the bowls of water are placed by the window, where the breeze can disperse the cool air throughout the house.

10. Avoid Using the Stove

This may be a challenge as we rely so much on the stove to prepare dinners. Lighter meals are the order of the day when its summer. An alternative is cooking your meals outside on a braai/bbq. Besides the fact that this is such a deeply ingrained and much-enjoyed tradition, you will be thankful when you have saved your home from those extra degrees.

11. So You Have An Aircon?

If you’re lucky enough to have an air conditioner, then consider setting the temperature between 18 to 2 degrees Celsius. This is our body’s optimal temperature range, and we will sleep more soundly if our bodies aren’t struggling to heat up thanks to an A/C set too low.