What Happens To A Mattress From Jumping On It?

We did a quick search on the net to see what kind of answers we could find regarding the damage that can happen to mattresses from jumping on it. Heres what we found:

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How bad is for the mattress lifespan if kids jump on it? What comfort and core layers would be more suitable for this kind of "abuse"?”

“As you mentioned, this would be subjective and also based upon the mass of the children and overall level of compression placed upon the mattress. The concern with innerspring mattresses would be the stretching of the helical lacing in LFK, Bonnell, continuous coil or offset spring units, or the tearing of the glue/ultrasonic bonds or tearing of the fabric in pocketed spring units. Jumping will also place extra mechanical stress upon the foams and can accelerate that mechanical breakdown of foams. Additionally, jumping can result in damage to the foundation or semi-flex wire grid base under the mattress.

Most mattress manufacturers consider jumping upon a mattress to be "abuse" and it can quite often void your warranty.


This is a good response. And it sounds expensive. However, there’s something quite fun about jumping on beds, especially for kids and more so when it involved a good old pillow fight!

However, it doesn’t take much to figure out that jumping (and even standing) on beds can be damaging to the mattress. And depending on how long the warranty is and how old the mattress is, if there’s damage, forget the warranty covering any replacements or repairs. 

Since beds are considered an expensive outlay, it's recommended that one looks after the mattress as best as possible to avoid a shorter lifespan on the mattress.

Spring mattresses can sustain damage from the pressure of kids, especially more than one, jumping up and down on it for an extended period of time. Simply forgetting to turn these types of mattresses periodically can lead to sagging; the weight of a group of jumpers can really do a number on them. 

Mattresses that are designed not to turn don’t have as much bounce due to the pillow top and other bed technology. This can still be damaged from jumping.

The weight of one standing adult can compromise the integrity of a box spring; because they’re designed to support evenly-distributed weight from a body lying flat, the pressure can be quite damaging if the bed in question is a box spring model.

Kids will be kids, we have all been there. It looks like so much fun in the movies especially with feathers floating about everywhere. But for your own sake, it's best to prevent this “abuse” as it will affect you in the long (or shorter) run when it comes time to have to prematurely replace your once amazing mattress.

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