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Ho Ho Ho! Its That Time Of The Year!

Yes! Its that time of the year once again. Usually, the first words that come out of a persons mouth is "where has the time gone?" We feel the same way here at The Mattress King.  Besides being in the business of selling beds, our primary focus is to provide the best service possible to our customers, and we hope we have achieved that this year.

25th Birthday Celebration - Grand Prize Draw

It's not every day you get to give away a car. Well, on 15 September 2018, that is exactly what we did.

Where In The World Did Waterbeds Go?

You may remember if you’re old enough, what waterbeds were like. We are reminded of a story told by one of our customers. One time he remembered showing off to a girl that he would “pop” a water bed with his butterfly knife. He whipped it out of his pocket and proceeded to flick it about, demonstrating his incomprehensible skill of knife handling, and then pretended to poke a hole in the bed. However, his showing-off went a step too far and resulted in actually poking a hole in the bed, resulting in a spray that soaked the ceiling and the floor alike, and in a panic trying to stop this flow that resembled the Midmar Dam busting at the seam after a summer afternoon downpour!

Experience a True French Love Story With a Différence

Being in the bed business for 26 years, every now and then we are introduced to something quite unique. Now granted the beds we sell are all of top quality and designed to match your body type and budget, however today we would like to talk about a particular love story that we have fallen in love with.

You know how words spoken in French just seem to sound so much more beautiful, this love story certainly has that je ne sais quoi. If you don’t know what that means, simply put, it is something unique yet difficult to find the perfect description. 

Technology Changes The World

Everywhere you turn, something is driven by technology. Who drives technology? Consumers who desire better and more convenient experiences in various facets of life. Be it through online shopping experiences or booking for a holiday at a new destination. It can all be done from your fingertips and most likely from your phone or tablet. Ease of use and convenience has become the demand thanks to the current technological age we live in. 

Businesses often have to relook at the way they conduct business with their customers. It’s not enough to have the most market exposure out there, nor is it always just about price, more importantly, it’s about customer experience and service. 

Mothers Day Special

Spoil Mom this Mothers Day with a brand new Sealy Posturepedic Kingsway Firm Base Set

March Mattress Madness Sale

Visit us in store for more huge savings with our March Mattress Madness Specials!

Call 031 465 3235 for more information.

New Luxury Base Set Now Available - Moonlight by Slumberland

The Mattress King is pleased to introduce a new Base Set to their range. The Moonlight by Slumberland is a bed so good it makes the night the best part of the day.

Massive February Sale!

We have smashed our prices once again to give you the best deals on base sets, designer sleeper couches and bedroom furniture!

Grand Christmas Sale Now On!

We are running our Grand Christmas Sale with massive in-store specials, valid while stocks last!!

Vist any of our 9 stores across South Africa to take advantage of these huge savings

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