Top 5 Foods To Avoid Before Bed Time

In previous articles written here on the Mattress King websitesite, we have discussed various reasons why certain people struggle to enjoy a good night’s sleep. There are many reasons; some being medical which we don’t delve much into as it’s not our expertise, and really you should consult your doctor. However, there are other influences that affect our sleep which we can figure out ways to improve.

Where In The World Did Waterbeds Go?

You may remember if you’re old enough, what waterbeds were like. We are reminded of a story told by one of our customers. One time he remembered showing off to a girl that he would “pop” a water bed with his butterfly knife. He whipped it out of his pocket and proceeded to flick it about, demonstrating his incomprehensible skill of knife handling, and then pretended to poke a hole in the bed. However, his showing-off went a step too far and resulted in actually poking a hole in the bed, resulting in a spray that soaked the ceiling and the floor alike, and in a panic trying to stop this flow that resembled the Midmar Dam busting at the seam after a summer afternoon downpour!

How To Effectively Use Wood In The Bedroom

What are the warmest finishes for interiors? Well, we think wood wins the prize in this department. Wood can take on the form of many characteristics, such as raw finishes, original beams and solid furniture made either look well-kept or worn – the latter seeming to take preference for most wood enthusiasts. 

Be it contemporary wood versus country-style, there are more unusual ways to introduce these characteristics to embody your own personality in the bedroom.

We have decided to put together a few ideas that could get your creative juices flowing towards a more nature-based effect in your own space.

Experience a True French Love Story With a Différence

Being in the bed business for 26 years, every now and then we are introduced to something quite unique. Now granted the beds we sell are all of top quality and designed to match your body type and budget, however today we would like to talk about a particular love story that we have fallen in love with.

You know how words spoken in French just seem to sound so much more beautiful, this love story certainly has that je ne sais quoi. If you don’t know what that means, simply put, it is something unique yet difficult to find the perfect description. 

Creating an effective bed time ritual for your kids

Do you struggle to get your child to go to sleep when you say so? We know what that’s all about, as most of us are parents ourselves! Being a parent comes with a huge amount of responsibility and with that requires patience, tolerance and the knack for finding a routine that works best for you and your child. 

We figured we would talk a bit about this topic, as it’s every parents' challenge to get their child to go to bed without their pleading and begging to give the dog just one last kiss, or go get another sip of water, or even still, play one more level of their game. 

Easy Ways to Fit a Duvet Cover Over Your Comforter

Do you find it hard to fit your comforter inside your duvet cover?  We know the pain! After all, we are bed experts, not duvet cover experts. But in light of that, we figured it would be useful to share some simple tips to getting a duvet cover over your comforter before you give in and resort to using a sleeping bag instead. After all, this is your bedroom, not a campsite! We tried it and it works!

Being able to get your comforter to lie flat corner to corner in your duvet cover is a task in itself and often never comes out looking like a hotel bed. But with these tips, we are about to share with you and a little practice you will be able to do it with your eyes closed and a smile on your face – depending on what you’re envisioning, of course!

What Is Sleep Meditation Music?

Do you struggle to fall asleep? Does your mind suddenly wake up when your head hits the pillow? You are probably one of those people who have done all the right things to make sure you get the best night’s sleep - For example buying a new bed that is better suited for your posture (and if you haven’t, please be sure to pop in for a free assessment with the use of our Sleep Laboratory.

How To Get Sleep While Travelling

No matter where you live, what you do, or what you believe, “sleep” is one of the most important aspects of everyday routine. Human beings are not robots. We need breaks to get refreshed and rejuvenated for the next day. Especially when someone is travelling and wants to enjoy a vacation without feelings of drowsiness and fatigued, it is of great importance to get enough sleep.

However, some people who suffer from travel anxiety often complain that they can’t sleep while travelling and find themselves trapped in “travel insomnia”. If you have the same problem, don’t worry, this article will provide you with some great advice to prepare for your next long trip.

8 Ways To Help Improve Your Beauty Sleep

“Time for my “beauty sleep”, you may have heard someone say, but do most know what it actually means? Few realize the importance and benefits of a good beauty sleep and the preparation that goes into it. We are going to tap into the “secrets” of why beauty sleepers wake up looking ready for a cover page photo shoot every morning!

7 Ways To Get Organized From Your Bed

In following to our previous blog, Does Making Your Bed Lead To A Happier Life?  We can certainly tell you what makes our customers happy – a good nights’ sleep in a comfy bed! And take it from us, we know – after all, It’s our business to know.

A spin-off from that article, however, is about being organized. As much as our game is beds and we love talking about beds, we are also a business and in order for any business to be successful, it needs to be methodic and organized. 

There are many benefits to running an organized schedule, and being a business we can totally relate. Given that we have 26 years under the belt, and believe us it hasn’t been easy, being organized is a sure fire way to reaching your goals – even if there are a few hurdles and failures along the way. It’s all part of the journey and there are lots of lessons learnt.

So as a family business, we would like to share some key points that we feel are paramount to running an organized ship.

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