The luxurious new 

This magnificent bed is the ultimate in refinement and luxury. To sleep in a la différence bed is an experience so unique that Sealy invented their own word for it: "Essensual"

'Essensual' luxury made by Sealy

The la différence is a very different bed in that it looks and feels different to all the others. The quality is unsurpassed and really takes beauty sleep to a whole new level, with every element of this bed being the latest in sleep design and philosophy. 

la différence mattresses are available in Luxury and Luxury Pillow, each designed to provide the most indulgent comfort and support for many years.

To find out more or how you can order your own la différence please contact us on 031 465 3235

Jonelle, the luxury pillow la différence 

Nicci, the luxury la différence