The Mattress King Sleep Laboratory

We are proud to announce that we have installed the first pressure mapping systems in three of our stores in South Africa (Springfield, Pietermarizburg and Gauteng). This revolutionary technology changes the way we do business in that we are now able to quickly and easily help you find the most comfortable and supportive mattress for your body and pocket, giving you the best nights’ sleep possible, guaranteed.

Typically a customer will go into a mattress store and select a new bed after spending just a few minutes lying on it and only discover that it was not the right bed for them, after experiencing a few sleepless nights as they could not get comfortable, or wake up with a sore back and neck.

The Sleep Laboratory at The Mattress King eliminates this problem completely as this sophisticated technology will tell your Sleep Specialist exactly what type of mattress is best for you.

Sleep Laboratory

How It WorksMattress King Sleep Specialist

Customers simply go into our Sleep Laboratory and lie down on the test bed in the normal position that they sleep in. A Sleep Specialist will then ask a couple of questions about your favourite sleep position and will go through the comfort mapping process, using the Reveal by Xsensor.

The Reveal measures and analyses body surface pressures and identifies pressure points that should be relieved with the appropriate mattress. Your friendly Sleep Specialist will then test a couple of pillows to find the right pillow to suit you to further reduce the pressure points. 

Once this process has been completed the system then reveals which type of support system and comfort level is best suited for your body, allowing our Sleep Specialist to then be able to show you 3 or 4 base sets to choose from.

mapping results

Visit your closest Sleep Laboratory at The Mattress King Springfield, Pietermarizburg or Craighall.